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  • Email Derek. GLHL (week7 of season 10) has one GM position open. looking for new ownership. APBA Hockey 4.02 league with 30 full NHL rosters. Website:
    Date: Fri Feb 20 20:11:27 2004
  • Email Chris. I'm looking for a keeper league to join next year. I would like to join one the drafts online. Thank You
    Date: Sat Jan 3 15:31:55 2004
  • Email Al O'Harra. Check out the unique head to head and rotisserie fantasy hockey leagues at
    Date: Thu Dec 11 18:28:15 2003
  • Email Bill Vasilofski. First Year Apba Hockey League Starting. We have a very basic website up Check out the GM list for teams that are still avaiable.
    Date: Wed Nov 19 8:06:56 2003
  • Email Steve Abrahamsen. The UHL is currently looking for a new GM for our Memphis Riverkings franchise. Send inquires to the email address above.
    Date: Thu Oct 23 7:46:01 2003
  • Email Ritchie Ho. NEW HOCKEY FANTASY LEAGUE LOOKING FOR GOOD GMS YOU WILL BE INTERVIEWED. League Website: League Name: Elite Fantasy Hockey League Contact Information: Icq: 43458789
    Date: Sun Oct 12 13:27:30 2003
  • Email mike calka. Looking for an 8th fantasy hockey GM for our league. The draft will be held on September 28th at 11:30 am in suburban Chicago.
    Date: Fri Sep 26 12:17:23 2003
  • Email Scott W. $10.00 a day, all cleaning, laundry, yardwork, personal attendance, greater Los Angeles/San bernardino area, call 323-371-3114 or
    Date: Wed Sep 17 16:29:39 2003
  • Email Troy. Hopelessly Complex Fantasy Hockey League entering 8th season! 12 team league. League operates in Victoria, BC. Live auction. Trading encouraged. Draft October 11, 2003.
    Date: Tue Sep 16 18:10:44 2003
  • Email Mary. Ladies Hockey Stretch Charm Bracelets. Display your love for the sport. Low prices.
    Date: Tue Sep 2 8:32:47 2003
  • Email Steve Gandour. The NFHL is a NHL Stat Based league. We are looking for GMs. email
    Date: Sun Aug 31 15:31:36 2003
  • Email Ted Day. Looking for GM's to join an established rotisserie style season tracking the actual NHL season. Contact me for details. Thanks!
    Date: Mon Aug 25 20:29:08 2003
  • Email Steve Severino. HAHA fantasy league looking to add 1 owner for upcoming season. Keeper league with live auction-style draft, 21-man rosters, weekly head-to-head games. Central PA area.
    Date: Mon Jul 28 10:17:00 2003
  • Email GCFHL Commish. Rotisserie league features 16 teams, farm teams, FA/waiver and head-to-head scoring for an 81 games + playoffs. Always looking for new owners!
    Date: Fri May 30 16:03:10 2003
  • Email Craig. Long running (8th season) APBA hockey league looking for new gms. Hurry Apply Today!
    Date: Wed Apr 9 12:06:46 2003
  • Email jason. were activly looking for people to join our eastside hockey league,fantasy hockey league email with your name and msn address to
    Date: Fri Apr 4 11:00:28 2003
  • Email Mike. The OFHL is looking for applicants for next year. You can fill out an application and view the league at
    Date: Wed Mar 26 15:29:41 2003
  • Email Marc Laurin. Seaching for peoples for a little pool playoff NHL Hockey. You can play for fun or money. Want infos send Email.
    Date: Wed Feb 26 14:09:15 2003
  • Email Al O'Harra. Enter a fantasy hockey league at
    Date: Thu Feb 20 19:56:04 2003
  • Email Mike Doucet. No Annoying Pop-Ups Entry Draft Free Agency All-Star Game Awards Salary Cap Experienced Commish Join Today
    Date: Mon Nov 25 23:06:44 2002
  • Email OFHL. The OFHL is in its third season, looking for GMs to replace departing GMs (Montreal and Chicago). You can view the league at
    Date: Sat Aug 17 20:46:48 2002
  • Email Hockey... the REAL sport! Any fantasy leagues out there?
    Date: Sun Aug 4 13:06:09 2002
  • Email Paul. Fantasy hockey league using real NHL players needs GMs to control the following teams: Toronto, London, Hamilton. If enough respond, would also consider expansion.
    Date: Thu Jun 13 16:20:27 2002
  • Email Anthony Gumina. I am looking for a great free fantasy hockey league that has trades,drafts, and free agent signings.
    Date: Fri Jun 7 17:25:20 2002
  • Email Cosmos Entertainment. If anyone is interested in classic hockey games on video cassette, visit: Lots of great games available, so take a look!
    Date: Thu May 16 14:07:54 2002
  • Email Robbie Cluett. hey, im making a new simulation league if anyone would like to join, go to , also if anyone wants to help me out on the GM files thing for the leagues , please e mail me, thanks
    Date: Sat Aug 18 0:31:46 2001
  • Email dannykorb@hotmail.com17. i am looking for leagues to join please help me out
    Date: Sat May 5 16:57:00 2001
  • Email Lada. LOOKING FOR A LEAGUE TO PLAY IN... DRAFT LEAGUES ONLY.. NO PREMADE DALLAS, PHOENIX...etc etc leagues. One which we draft players from a list....BRAND SPANKIN NEW..hehe Good GM and also a commish.
    Date: Thu Feb 8 20:16:43 2001

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