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  • Email Brian D.. Will Run your league for a small fee... You tell me the scoring/rules, i'll take care of the rest. Send me an email!
    Date: Tue Feb 24 8:49:30 2004
  • Email Al O'Harra. Check out the unique head to head and rotisserie fantasy basketball leagues at
    Date: Thu Dec 11 18:27:17 2003
  • Email Scott Day. The Maryland Fantasy Basketball League (MFBL) a 12 team head-to-head, nonkeeper league is looking for one more owner for 2003-04. Visit: has details.
    Date: Mon Oct 6 10:41:20 2003
  • Email Scott W. $10.00 a day, all cleaning, laundry, yardwork, personal attendance, greater Los Angeles/San bernardino area, call 323-371-3114 or
    Date: Wed Sep 17 16:28:29 2003
  • Email Mary. Ladies Stretch Basketball Charm Bracelets. Display your love for the sport. Low prices.
    Date: Tue Sep 2 8:21:23 2003
  • Email Kevin Blodgett. Survival Football 2003. Pick one team to win each week, no points spreads, last one standing wins it all.
    Date: Sat Aug 16 19:51:27 2003
  • Email Al Oharra. Enter a fantasy basketball team at
    Date: Thu Feb 20 19:50:22 2003
  • Email Alex Diaz. im looking for a fantasy basketball leage to join
    Date: Thu Dec 5 23:24:57 2002
  • Email ryan sorenson. Looking for 6 more teams for a keeper head to head fantasy b-ball league..draft is sun nov 3.....please respond asap
    Date: Wed Oct 30 7:44:41 2002
  • Email Mark Carmona. Join a real and reliable Money Fantasy League! We are in our fourth straight year and have the most exciting fantasy basketball system yet.
    Date: Thu Oct 24 13:00:58 2002
  • Email gord. 2002-2003season... lookingfor 2mature gm'sto fillthe voidcreated byothers whosecalendars got tofull. theseteams areina keeperleague thatis veryactive. thereis nostat collectiondone bygm's it'sall automated.
    Date: Thu Oct 24 10:00:48 2002
  • Email rharouni. Awesome points based fantasy league. Check it out. Draft is 10/28 (day before season). League Name: NBA HOOPS League ID#: 46743 Password: nba
    Date: Sun Oct 13 18:45:46 2002
  • Email FBF Commish. The FBF is expanding for 2003/04, only 1 week left to bid for a team, free, internet, head-to-head, keeper league.
    Date: Mon Oct 7 13:01:59 2002
  • Email Ted McNeil. Looking for cash roto hoops league. Ideally located near Albany, NY. but will consider others. Or you can join my similar league.
    Date: Tue Sep 24 19:25:52 2002
  • Email Paul Rodriguez. I'd like to join a free fantasy league.
    Date: Sun Aug 4 13:04:13 2002
  • Email John. 3rd year keeper league has openings. E-mail me at for league constitution.
    Date: Thu Sep 27 7:06:37 2001
  • Email Fantasy SportsNET. FSN is looking for a few good owners to join their invitation only keeper league. Check out the site at
    Date: Mon Sep 24 13:47:58 2001
  • Email danny korb. i am looking for fantasy leagues to join please help me out
    Date: Sat May 5 16:54:37 2001
  • Email Casey Jacobson. Join my Fantasy Basketball League.
    Date: Fri Feb 23 0:41:09 2001
  • Email Casey Jacobson. Join my Fantasy Basketball League.
    Date: Fri Feb 23 0:40:05 2001
  • Email Fantasy SportsNET. Looking for two owners for the UFBA at Owners must be experienced at keeper leagues and show they understand league rules.
    Date: Mon Dec 11 18:09:02 2000

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